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The Zotonic Module Repository

The Zotonic module repository is a central place where we store an index of user-contributed Zotonic modules which are not part of the core Zotonic distribution. The module repository is compatible with Zotonic 0.7 and higher.

Currently, the following modules are part of the index:

  • mod_admin_multiupload

    Batch uploading of media files in the Zotonic admin

  • mod_audio_echonest

    Zotonic module which hooks into media files uploads and augments any uploaded audio media files with info from the echonest API.

  • mod_calendar

    A calendar viewer for events and other resources with date ranges.

  • mod_dets

    Disk-based Erlang Term Storage module for basic database-less key/value storage.

  • mod_geoip

    Uses maxmind's excellent geoip database to see from what area of the world your website visitors are from.

  • mod_import_blogger

    Blogger GData XML Importer

  • mod_openid

    OpenID 2.0 compatible client. OpenID is a open secure decentralized authentification protocol.

  • mod_recaptcha

    A module that allows one to use reCAPTCHA on Zotonic signup forms

  • mod_slideshow

    Show a collection of images as a single media item in a slide show.

  • mod_vault

    Encrypts data with a RSA public key. Decrypts data using RSA private keys which are encrypted with a password.

  • mod_zmr

    The Module for ZMR itself.

  • mod_angular

    AngularJS bindings for Zotonic and Angular-powered bidirectional WebSocket communication.

  • mod_blog

    A blog as separate module. In contrast to the default skeleton blog, this makes it easier to add a blog section to your current site. Upon activation the module adds the blog at yoursite.com/blog/.

  • mod_chat

    Implements a simple chatroom module for Zotonic.

  • mod_download

    Hidden Download Module

  • mod_github

    Github webhook to trigger a rebuild of your site from the services API.

  • mod_jpeg_minify

    Zotonic module to re-compress uploaded JPEGs to save file storage space.

  • mod_paypal

    Integration with PayPal through Instant Payment Notification

  • mod_sass

    On-the-fly compilation of SASS files

  • mod_sparky

    mod_sparky allows you to easily create sparklines on your Zotonic site.

  • mod_yaml_import

    This module lets you import data in YAML format to create new Zotonic Pages.