Cron-like task scheduler.

SCM system : Git (git)

Author: Konstantin Nikiforov

Project source url: git://

Cron is a famous task scheduler for UNIX systems. mod_cron is a task scheduler implementation for zotonic. mod_cron allows you to schedule M:F(A) calls in cron-like manner. For example: "every 5 seconds between 10:00 and 12:00", "every thursday in 9:00", etc.

mod_cron needs zotonic with mod_schema interface (zotonic > 0.8 or trunk).


Zotonic >= 0.10:
zotonic modules install mod_cron
Zotonic <= 0.9:
zotonic installmodule mod_cron
Zotonic <= 0.6:
git clone git:// mod_cron


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