Import an anyMeta site into Zotonic.


SCM system : Git (git)

Author: Marc Worrell

Project source url: git://

This module can be used to import data from an anyMeta site into a Zotonic site.

All data is fetched using the anyMeta thing API: Where 12345 is the id of the to be exported page.

When importing you can supply a range of ids to be imported. If only the start of the range is filled in then the import will continue till it finds 100 consecutive not founds, at which point it will stop.

It is safe to re-run the import, as the module keeps a mapping of Anymeta UUID to Zotonic resource id.

Optionally you dan supply the sysadmin password of the anyMeta site to import non-public data.


Zotonic >= 0.10:
zotonic modules install mod_import_anymeta
Zotonic <= 0.9:
zotonic installmodule mod_import_anymeta
Zotonic <= 0.6:
git clone git:// mod_import_anymeta

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