Templates, css and javascript for 0.8 (and older) sites running on 0.9.

SCM system : Git (git)

Author: Marc Worrell

Project source url:

In Zotonic version 0.9 we moved from the CSS framework Atatonic to Twitter Bootstrap.

Sites built for version 0.8 and earlier need the Atatonic CSS files and accompanying javascript files. Sometimes they also need the old base templates.

This module contains a copy of those files from the 0.8 release.

It might help moving your site over to 0.9 without changing everything at once.

For your menu you need to add an extra argument:

{% menu is_superfish %}

Otherwise the menu scomp generates code that is compatible with Twitter Bootstrap.


Zotonic >= 0.10:
zotonic modules install mod_atatonic
Zotonic <= 0.9:
zotonic installmodule mod_atatonic
Zotonic <= 0.6:
git clone mod_atatonic

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