Zotonic module which hooks into media files uploads and augments any uploaded audio media files with info from the echonest API.


SCM system : Git (git)

Author: Arjan Scherpenisse

Project source url:

After the upload of any audio media file, it calls the Echonest API to identiy the uploaded MP3 file. After identification, it will store the found metadata in the rsc record of the audio file, ready for use in Zotonic templates.

The config key mod_audio_echonest.api_key needs to contain a valid Echonest API key, which can be obtained from this URL:


Zotonic >= 0.10:
zotonic modules install mod_audio_echonest
Zotonic <= 0.9:
zotonic installmodule mod_audio_echonest
Zotonic <= 0.6:
git clone mod_audio_echonest

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